Mother's Day Bracelets for Our Favorite Types of Mamas

We've picked three favorite Mother's Day Bracelets inspired by our favorite types of mamas (that includes you too grandmamas). Mamas and grandmamas are revered in the South and if you don’t bring them breakfast in bed and a sweet gift this May 12th, you can forget to ever come home again. To make sure you’re able to allowed back, we’ve written an ode to our favorite types of mamas and picked out some favorite bracelets to match each bold personality.

Colorful Bracelets for the Creative Mamas

The creative mama is a bit of a rebel but a whole lot of fun. She’s a mess in the kitchen and wears paint in her hair proudly. She’s the mom that has all the kids in the neighborhood in her backyard making signs to protest the school taking Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream off the school menu. The creative mama is full of sass and oozes creativity and craves color in her life.

As far as Mother’s Day bracelets go, this mama needs something bold and bright. With shine as high as your heels our show-stopping Lipstick Bangle is made with lipstick pink agate stones held captive in 12 feet of gold wire. This vibrant bangle will channel all of this mom’s creative energy.

Stackable Bracelets for the High-Achieving Mamas

High-achieving mamas have their plate as full as hungry Uncle Jim at Thanksgiving supper. She throws dinner parties that rival White House galas, blogs about the latest trends in home décor, and still finds time to chair the yearly fundraiser for endangered wild horses. If the house ever caught on fire, the high-achieving mama would be standing on the curb, in her best earrings and bracelets, water hose in hand when the fire department arrived.

Since she likes to go big, we picked the Carolina Treasure stackable bracelets for this bold woman. This pick for a Mother’s Day bracelet is made with gorgeous Murano glass, hand-blown off the coast of Italy and freshwater pearls. Together, the three stackable bracelets make for an elegant balance of natural beauty and strength.

Pearl and Gold Bangles for the Graceful Mamas

Graceful mamas raise their children on words of wisdom and have been strong and equal partners in their marriage and friendships. She serves up stories and hors d'oeuvres around the kitchen table and tucks her grandchildren in with a tap on the nose. After years of giving her all to her family, she reigns supreme in their hearts. And when she arrives at the Mother’s Day Brunch held in her honor, she beams with pride, her head held high and her jewelry sparkling.

This mama will channel her inner queen through our elegant Taffy Pearls bangle. Pearls represent wisdom acquired through years of experience. This bracelet’s purity and beauty matches that of the graceful mama we all know and love.

There may never be a way to repay our mother’s for giving us the world but we dare say a few hours of family time and a thoughtful gift is a wonderful start.



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