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Sizing Chart


**PLEASE READ** there is a resizing fee for each bangle if they do not fit due to ordering the wrong size, plus the cost of shipping

How to measure for your bangle bracelet size:

Stretch your fingers straight out with your thumb extended with your thumb folded under to the palm of your hand (like you are going slip on a bangle.) Take a flexible tape measure (or string) ad measure the widest part of your hand; your knuckles (NOT your wrist your wrist.) Take that measurement and figure out the circumference of your hand (usually between 7-9 inches / 2.25-3.0 inches in diameter.) Choose from the size description below to find your best fit bangle.

Bangles come three different sizes (small, medium, and large) to ensure you find the exact fit for your wrist:

~ SMALL measures approximately 2.25” in diameter (7” in circumference) and fits best on a child/young teenager. *This size is fairly small and it is advised to purchase a MEDIUM unless sure your hand is very small to have the bangle slip over*

~ MEDIUM is approximately 2.5 in diameter roughly 7.75-8 in circumference.) MEDIUM is the most common size worn by buyers and is the standard size we create bangles in unless specified.

~ LARGE is approximately 2.75” in diameter (roughly 8.75-9” in circumference.) LARGE fits best on women with larger hands and wrist.

All bangles are handmade, no two are exactly alike, and are meant to be a little loose on the wrist: not as tight as most bracelets or watches. If you need a custom size, please email us on the CONTACT US section of the website.